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Atmospheric Carbon - What's your share?

There's alot of talk these days about the likelihood that "greenhouse gasses", the most common of which is Carbon Dioxide, will cause the Earth's climate to significantly change. If you're like most Americans, each time you drive your car, hop on a plane, flick on a light, or consume energy in other ways, you contribute in a small way to this effect.

Curious how much? This worksheet allows you to easily tally up your own personal "carbon budget".

Auto Transportation:

travel of miles, at
miles per gallon, burns gallons of gasoline annually, putting pounds of carbon (about 5 lbs/gal) into our air.

Air Transportation:

travel of miles via commercial airline puts about pounds of carbon into our air annually.

Home Electric Usage:

use of kilowatt-hours of electricity, if your power plant generates power from puts pounds of carbon into our air each year.

Home Natural Gas Usage:

use of Therms (Or ccf - hundred cubic feet) of Natural Gas contributes pounds of carbon to our air each year.

Home Fuel Oil Usage:

use of gallons of Fuel Oil adds pounds of carbon to our air each year.


Your total atmospheric carbon contribution is approximately pounds per year. That's pounds of Carbon Dioxide (CO2). In different terms, this amounts to pounds of carbon per hour, cubic feet of CO2 per hour, or cubic feet of CO2 per minute. Of course, this ignores all of the energy spent to produce all of the goods that you might want to double these numbers!

How Many Trees

"OK, so how much additional forest would be required to remove my CO2?".

Well, according to information cited by the EPA, this is the amount of carbon that can be removed by approximately trees in a year.

This Calculator Supplied courtesy of Chuck Wright Consulting, Technology Serving Sustainability

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