A calculator script with many functions. This calculator includes different measures conversion, rule of three, temperature conversion and other formulas.

JRM Calculator

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Formulas, Areas and Volumes:
Measures conversion:
2      3 
4      5 
6      7 

Rule of Three: 

A is to B
as C is to D

Temperature:   ºFahrenheit is equal to ºCelsius    

Instructions and examples
(Press Alt+I to return to the calculator)

Add: +, Subtract: -, Multiply: *, Divide: /, Remainder: %.
Precedence: (), *, /, %, +, -.
Decimal: . point

If expression is selected (Ctrl+E): clear it with the DEL key or a new entry, modify it with Left-Arrow or Right-Arrow. Use Alt+Underline-key to move in document, and Tab or Shift+Tab for the next or previous item. You can use the numeric keyboard, with Shift key for the arrows.

For measures conversions type in the quantity to search for an equivalence, select its type with Alt+1...7 and open the box with Alt+Down-Arrow. Select the desired conversion with the Down-arrow or the Up-arrow and Enter directly, or Alt+o, which will make the factor or formula to be appended to the right of the expression line. Press Home key if you wish to enter on the left side.

Expression: (1+2.5+3)*5-(7/3) Result: 30.1666...
6 * 9 % 7 Result: 5
6 * (9 % 7) Result: 12
Sphere volume, with given radius: (4/3)*Math.PI*Math.pow(radius,3)
Random number from 1 to 100: Math.floor(Math.random()*100+1)

Online Calculator, sure beats the old slide ruler

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