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MedCalc 3000 is the answer to your medical calculation needs. MedCalc 3000 comprises a variety of common equations, clinical criteria scores and decision trees used in medicine. MedCalc 3000 makes these formulas and score systems easy to use! .

MedCalc 3000    

Division of General Internal Medicine Online Clinical Calculator .

Online Clinical Calculator    

Health and Medical Calculators.

Health calculators!    

Nursing Calculators.

Nursing calculators!    

An assortment of Health and Medical Calculators.

Health/Medical calculators!    

Thanks to Steven B. Halls, MD for this calculator Estimate your risk of breast cancer by answering the following questions-HomePage: Breast Cancer Risk Calculator,

Detailed Breast Cancer Risk Calculator    

There are lots of immunizations available to protect kids from serious, even disabling illness. The hard part is keeping track of all those shots. Use these handy tool to figure out which immunizations you need to worry about, and when to take your kids to the doctor to get them.
immunizations calculators    

Dental cost Calculator
Dental calculator    

This will calculate your resting and active metabolic rates, which can estimate your ideal calorie intake per day. This will also calculate your healthy weight range according to the U.S. Surgeon General
Diet calculator


Enter your blood pressure, age and sex, and the they will estimate your risk of a cardiovascular event such as a stroke or a heart attack.

Cardiovascular Risk Calculator    

Target Heart Rate Calculator

Target Heart Rate Calculator    

Select the drop down box to use the calculator for heart rate zones, body fat, blood pressure, body mass index, optimum weight, risk of chronic disease, or to measure heart rate.

Walking Fitness Calculator    

Thanks to Steven B. Halls, MD for this calculator Calculate your Body Mass Index and compare yourself to other women of the same height and age. HomePage: Breast Cancer Risk Calculator,

Body Mass Calculator    

Thanks to Steven B. Halls, MD for this calculator Calculates Body Surface Area and descriptive statistics plus medication doses. HomePage: Breast Cancer Risk Calculator,

Body Surface area Calculator    

Find out how tall your child will likely grow, using one of the calculators below.

Height Calculator    

Input your height on the left, and the calculator will give you a range of healthy weights for someone your size. Or, input your height and your weight on the right, and the calculator will tell you your BMI. All measurements should be in feet, inches, and pounds.

Height / Weight Calculator    

This JavaTM applet allows to determine your optimum weight. Simply select the gender, frame type and height to display your optimum weight in the chart below. The height can changed to inches or meters by selecting the appropriate Units.

Height / Weight Calculator

Online Calculator, sure beats the old slide ruler

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