New Calculators

Use the Holiday calorie calculator to total your Holiday feast calories and see how far
you must walk in steps, miles and kilometers to walk it off.

Holiday Calorie Calculator    

Use the Holiday Turkey calculator to help with planning your meal

Turkey Calculator    

Work out what this Christmas will add up to... and get a head start on your savings. .

Christmas Calculator    

Holiday Budget Calculator

Holiday Budget Calculator    

By telling us how much holiday you were entitled to in any given Holiday Year, we can tell you how much holiday you have left to take

Holiday pay calculator    

Check the foods you plan to eat and select the servings. Scroll to the bottom for full fat tally

Holiday Fat Calculator    

To plan your savings for the holiday season, you need to know how much
all that merriment has cost in the past.

Holiday spending work sheet    

How Many Christmas Lights Should I Put On My Tree

Tree lights calculator    

Christmas Lighting Energy Calculator

Tree lights elec. cost calculator    

Travel & holiday calculations

Cost of Holiday travel

Online Calculator, sure beats the old slide ruler

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