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Landscaping Calculator If you're trying to estimate area, volume, or cost for a landscaping project, enter the values that you know in the appropriate calculator and select "Calculate." You only need to fill in the fields that are relevant to your project.

Landscaping Calculators    

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Landscaping Calculator    

This is an easy calculator you can use to determine the rise and run of each step in your staircase and the length of boards you need to buy for your stair

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Home Depot Projects calculators

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Use this calculator to estimate the lumber costs for your next project. This calculator assumes that you are buying a substantial amount of lumber; small quantities may be priced by the piece rather than the board-foot. Be sure to check your results with your lumber supplier.

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Lumber calculator

Lumber calculator    

Area Calculators: Roof Area Flat Areas - walls, siding, decks, masonry, pavement - rectangular, trianglular, circular.

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Here is a bare-bones board foot calculator for tallying up lumber requirements. Just enter your desired thickness, width, length, and quantity and it will compute board feet and total board feet. Nice and simple. If you want something a little more elaborate that can also produce a materials list

Lumber,wood calculator    


Lumber,wood calculator    

Home projects calculators, windows, wallpaper, Tile, paint

Home projects calculators

Online Calculator, sure beats the old slide ruler

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