We have 3 Scientific Calculators, choose the one that suits your needs

Scientific calculator 1 Is a highly accurate Flash Scientific Calculator

Scientific calculator 2  is a JavaScript scientific calculator for chemists. This calculator can be used as common scientific calculator (sin, cos, log, power, root, memory), but it also includes a molecular weight calculator and the tables with various physical and chemical constants. The calculator contains a list with task history, storing all the recent inputs and results. Scientific calculator displays the numbers rounded to a user-specified number of decimal places.

Scientific calculator 3  is for use with higher math functions with extended capabilities. One of the advantages of this calculator is a simple input format even for the most complicated scientific formulas. This program works best for math, algebra, calculus, geometry, physics and engineering students and even their teachers. For example, you can enter 10pi instead of "10*pi". For complex numbers, you can use the following format - "1+2i". For percentages - "number + %". The other important feature of HiDigit is its high precision - up to 15 decimals for scientific calculations.


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